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C100 benefits


Benefits: C100 means different things to different members ...

Helping local people:

Some join as they really want to help local people - but don't know how to give effectively and do not have the time to manage their giving. We know where the need is and make every penny count and help the groups with their application for a grants, and help them all the way through the process.

Corporate Social Responsibility:

Using the logo shows everyone that you are committed to CSR and really want to get involved, everyone is passionate about Cornwall - be proud to support the county!

Build staff morale:

We can pair you up with local community groups, so your staff can volunteer, and really get stuck into helping those in need.

Create great PR opportunities:

Great stories to be told in the press, social media etc. of your business helping local communities through your giving, volunteering and fund raising (and so much more cost effective and credible than any advert!)

Collaboration opportunities:

We introduce you to other like minded businesses to help you to create real business opportunities and to help you market yourselves - people really do want to help responsible businesses.


Have fun, you will be invited to 2-3 events every year and will meet some great people!

In brief, C100 brings businesses together, to give effectively and efficiently helping all those in need in the county.