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Second Home Owners Scheme

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The scheme offers a simple way for second home owners to help Cornish communities in a regular, easy way; one week's rent per annum, or the equivalent if your property is not rented.

One of our supporters, Ann Higham, who has a second home in Fowey and very generously agreed to support the scheme with a £5,000 annual payment, commented "It gives me pleasure to support this scheme. So many second home owners see the beauty of Cornwall without realising that by some criteria it is the poorest county in the UK. Giving this way recognises a clear connection between those who are lucky enough to own a second home in Cornwall and those for whom day to day life is a challenge.”

Alex Polizzi, broadcaster and hotelier, supports the scheme with a £5,000 annual donation and said “I want to ensure that I do my bit to support serious local causes, and in these straightened financial times, with councils ever more stretched, we cannot expect local government to cover all the bases.”

There are 14,600 second homes in Cornwall. If just one percent of those second home owners, a mere 146 properties, agreed to support us with generosity such as Ann's and Alex’s, those who most need help in Cornwall would benefit to the tune of nearly three quarters of a million pounds per annum.

Just think what a difference that would make.

Please download the donation form here.

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