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The Emily Bolitho Trust


The Emily Bolitho Fund's main purpose is to support the wellbeing of individuals, especially those faced with hardship through poor health or low income, and for organisations that provide services to those facing hardship. This fund supports both individuals through a sponsor agency and organisations.

Area of benefit: The old borough of Penzance which includes Gulval, Mousehole, Paul, Newlyn, Ludgvan, Marazion, Madron

Individuals applying:

An application for a grant must be made by a sponsor for the benefit of an individual facing hardship through poor health or low income. The individual musty be based in one of the areas of benefit mentioned above.

Grants are awarded up to £500

Eligible sponsors acting in their official capacity could be:

Examples of grants available:

Case Studies

Funding Dates

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Pengarth Day Centre

Each week Pengarth Day Centre provides Day Centre lunches and refreshments, meals on wheels, bathing, exercises, cognitive therapies and entertainment to over a hundred different people from their community. They have a hairdresser and chiropodist who come in regularly to provide other much needed services. All of their services help support older people and keep them well and independent enabling them to live in their own homes for longer, come out of any hospital stays sooner and also support their families. They are constantly being told by the people that attend the centre "where would we be without Pengarth", "it is the highlight of the week", "I enjoy coming to Pengarth". This is why they do what they do, to provide people with a purpose, to make their day fulfilled and looked forward to with anticipation, underpinned by good nutrition and professional care.

As they have seen dementia becoming an increasing strain on community and family life, they continue to provide daily respite for family members caring for their loved-ones at home.

The Emily Bolitho Trust Fund invested £4,800 towards their transport scheme. The transport of Pengarth is essential to the people of Penzance and surrounding areas. With the grant they are able to keep the cost down of providing transport to the people who attend the centre and delivering meals on wheels.

As one older person quoted "if I didn't have the Pengarth transport to pick me up I wouldn't get out of my house at all". Another lady told them "I rely on the meals delivery service from Pengarth as I am unable to cook or shop myself anymore".

The support they provide helps older people stay in the community of Penzance for longer and also reduces the demand on other Health Care Services when all some people need is company, support and a home cooked meal.

Penta Health and Wellbeing (previously known as West Cornwall Mind)

Penta Health and Wellbeing provides support for people living in Cornwall with poor mental health. They do this by providing a range of individual and group activities that supports people to recover and maintain their mental health and wellbeing, fulfil their personal and social goals and achieve a sense of belonging in their community.

The Emily Bolito Trust Fund invested £500 towards their Bike to the Future project. This was an 8 week project aimed to help improve the mental, physical and emotional health of people who are isolated and excluded from community activities by supporting them to participate in weekly community cycle rides in the Penzance area. The project was a development of a 1 day pilot scheme that supported 22 vulnerable people with mental health issue to try cycling in a safe environment in the Penzance area. They ran the pilot scheme in conjunction with Sustrans, the national cycling charity. The pilot highlighted the need for people to have continuing support before they could fully engage with a community group.

The project was very successful and they reported back that the confidence and self-esteem of those that participated had increased. Some of the beneficiaries commented:

“I didn’t think I would be able to cycle all the way to Mousehole, but once I got used to the gears it was great fun”

“Can we do this again?”

“I am going to have an ice cream next time as I think I have earned it cycling all that way”

“I really enjoyed the company”

Members are very keen to continue to attend a gentle cycle group. They have now been successful in sourcing funding to purchase 10 bikes and equipment. They will be developing the cycle group further. Stuart Thompson, Chief Executive commented “Your funding and the success of this project has enabled this to happen”.

Applications for individuals will be processed within 5 working days and we will aim to inform the sponsor agency within 10 working days of the outcome.

Applications for organisations will be viewed at panel four times a year.




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Grants for individuals through a sponsor:

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Grants for organisations:

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